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Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Just been looking through some of my old work for images suitable to be classed as ‘art’ for uploading to my redbubble account. I interpret art as being something I would be happy to hang on the wall or maybe buy as a card. This is not a style of photography I’ve spent time studying. Most of my images, especially the flowers, tend more towards being suitable to accompany articles as illustrations. It’s strange how the background is often all that makes any difference between ‘art’ and ‘illustration’.

I also noticed in my browsing that some images are eminently suitable for some post-processing treatment – the ‘antiquing’ mentioned in the title. I came across this shot of the washboards and it seemed to be crying out to have the colour taken out of it.

and here’s another I thought definitely benefitted from a litte ‘antiquing’.
This one was taken in Llangollen last year.
Others where I removed the colour and added a tint, or left b&w, just didn’t look right.
I remember from my film days that on the rare occasions when I used b&w film that it took some time, and a few wasted rolls, to get my ‘eye’ in when seeking out suitable subjects for a monochrome treatment.

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