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Nikon L22 Compact Digital Camera Review

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Nikon L22
The Nikon L22 is a 12 megapixel compact digital camera available (depending on where you buy it) in red, black, silver, or blue. It has a 3.6x optical zoom (35mm equiv 37 – 134mm) which is a barely wide-angle to useful telephoto. For the price, this camera has a quality feel to it with a limited number of controls making it easy to master. The view screen is recessed slightly to protect it when you lay the camera down.

The Nikon L22 is a basic compact camera so there is very little to it. It has a decent resolution, 16 scene modes, ‘advanced anti-blur technology’ to help remove or reduce the effects of camera-shake (caused by hand holding at slow shutter speeds when light levels are low).

The Nikon L22 also possesses Easy-Auto Mode where the camera calculates range, light levels and subject type in order to assess which Scene Mode will give you the best results. This camera not only detects faces it also waits until the subject smiles before making the exposure (I’m waiting for them to invent the camera that goes out on its own and brings back great pictures all by itself – the photographer seems to be being phased out). It claims to detect and focus on up to 12 faces at a time and then automatically remove any red-eye that the camera’s flash created. This is a great idea in theory, but it does slow down operation and you have to wait for the camera to decide so in this mode it’s a little more difficult to capture images spontaneously. But still great if you just want to point and shoot.

Like most digital cameras these days, the Nikon L22 has a movie mode so you can capture movie clips to embarrass your friends on facebook or YouTube.

On the downside you can’t set the ISO yourself., the wide-angle could do with being a touch wider and the image stabilisation is electronic (which means the blurry image is doctored electronically).

On the plus side the Nikon L22 takes great pictures and is a simple no nonsense compact camera that gives good value for the price.

Power source is a couple of cheap and easily available AA batteries that last a reasonable period of time.

Conclusion: The Nikon L22 is an easy to use, basic camera that has the ability to produce clear sharp images usable for prints or sharing on-line. Definitely one for the short list if your budget is under £100.

Useful things in the box:
USB cable

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